cavity-free tree

2018 96 x 144 x 48 inches. Birch-veneered plywood, steel. The client was in the process of an elaborate, modern design-build of a pediatric dentistry clinic and was looking for a “cavity-free tree” to be fabricated so that kids with no cavities can (proudly!) place a magnetic placard with their name upon the tree in … Read More

cornhole set

Do you want the best? Hell, I do. These custom sets are made with furniture-grade wood and sturdy duck canvas. The pictured boards are the “tailgate” size (2′ wide x 3′ long) and are constructed of cabinet-grade walnut veneer plywood, poplar hardwood rails, and fir legs. Both boards fold up and latch together for storage … Read More

steel paper plane and stand

PLANE + STAND 2014 7.75 x 18.75 x 9.25 inches. Welded steel, brass screws, latex. CEDAR CRATE 2014 8.625 x 21.5 x 10.75 inches. Cedar planks, brads, paint. SOLD.

steel railing

The client was refining the conversion of an old industrial warehouse from factory to gym in the SODO district of Seattle. The existing split-level layout needed to be further delineated by the addition of steel railings in a series of bays down the middle of the warehouse and a uniform, industrial and functional aesthetic was … Read More

lightbox display case

The client wanted a steel-industrial lightbox case installed into an existing space in a retail shop. The custom case was fabricated, site-installed, and integrated into the existing lighting system.

industrial steel table legs

Legs constructed of steel angle iron and braced with steel rods and brackets. The legs were designed to be attached to a veritable plethora of table top options. But what is a plethora, El Guappo?

downtown loft entrance

The client was looking to update the existing entrance to a downtown Seattle loft space in an older building. The goal was to keep the design elements in line with the current aesthetic of the building and add monumental visual interest. The brass light over the door knocker was fabricated to dramatize the dimensionality of … Read More

industrial range hood

The floating range hood was constructed out of a repurposed vintage copper awning. A custom steel mounting bracket was fabricated to give a minimalist “floating” look to the project. Removal of the old hood system revealed a pipe chase that was cleaned and trimmed in with stained oak boards to accentuate and celebrate the industrial … Read More

mid century modern table legs

2014 13.25 x 7.75 x 6.5 inches. Steel. The legs pictured were fabricated for a large live-edge slab cut from a redwood stump and have a brushed, raw steel finish.