I’ve been meaning to implement a section on my site that provides updates on:

  • projects that I’m presently immersed in and

  • background + method behind my work.

As other artists can attest to, it is a pretty monumental task to shoulder the making, marketing, web + graphic design, etc. that one has to take on in order to be successful.

Enter this blog!

Fresh content! Progress updates! Background information!

The Van

My wife and I bought a 1969 Clark Cortez a little over a year-and-a-half ago! We picked it up on a lark with the intention of dusting ‘er off and hitting the road, but as I began to dig into it I quickly realized that it was more of a restomod type of project instead of a simple vacuum + polish. While this means a significantly larger time investment, I have missed working on an older vehicle since I sold my Volvo and I am finding a meditative peace in working on and contemplating the mechanics of the Cortez.

My wife and I bought a 1969 Clark Cortez…

That being said, gentle reader, I’ve been diligent about photo-journaling the process and I’d like to share my experience with you. A thread of my blog will be dedicated to cataloging the van build. I’m excited to journal the progress for both my own personal edification and for the benefit of others. I would like it to be, in the least, an amusing diversion; but it is my hope that it will serve as a companion for others to better navigate similar experiences through my trial and error. Enjoy!

I’m off to go bust some knuckles!

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